Thank you 2016! Hello 2017! / by Amanda Custo

We are writing this sitting at Starbucks and having their "ultimate festive season delight" - two Venti Gingerbread Lattes (with whipped cream, of course. Dieting can start again in the new year). Isn't it amazing how Starbucks markets their products though? Like these Gingerbread lattes - almost making their signature holiday coffee into a character of it's own with illustrations, it's own Instagram page (I kid you not) and creating huge hype around it waaaay before the holidays even start. All of us entrepreneurs have something to learn from, Starbucks! 

But the actual reason Goshia and I are sitting at Starbucks poring over our laptops is because we are booking our tickets and stay in Positano, Italy. And in 2018, Mykonos beckons. It is just a testament of how "putting it out there to the universe" really does work. At the beginning of 2016, we listed our business goals and one of our top priorities was to grow our business (we since added a full-time videographer and editor to our team) and shoot more international weddings. We did a facebook post about the destinations where we had already shot weddings and then listed a few places we still wanted to shoot. (Number two of goal-making-got-to's is to be specific, right?! We don't only want a car, we want a Bentley!) Not too long afterwards, we booked a wedding in both Positano and Mykonos. 

Like my dad always used to say: "the harder I work, the luckier I get..."

This year, one of our goals is to help other entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses through successful marketing. One of the biggest challenges that female business owners face these days is burnout. We feel we need to do everything, be everywhere and still have enough time and energy to be successful wives/partners and moms. We have both been there and it has meant serious meltdowns! So 2017 will also mean better automation, less stress and more time to have fun and do what we most enjoy doing (which of course, includes shooting weddings).

So as the sun rises tomorrow, things will not be completely different than they were today, but also not exactly the same. It is so awesome, though, that as a society, we've decided to create and celebrate a time for new beginnings and a renewal of sorts.

Let this year bring only cheer and may you be indifferent to the things that make no difference.